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The best things about being a home-based worker

  The events of the last year have made remote working – completely or partially – a genuine option for many companies and individuals who might never previously have considered it. “As someone who had previously always been office-based, working from home has really suited me”, explains Luke Bull. Here are his top 10 reasons

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Why an elevator pitch is important, and how to create one

Imagine you’re an interior designer. It’s 8am, and you’re on your way to an appointment. You enter the building and hop into the elevator. There are two people next to you, and you overhear them talking about their new house and the difficulties they’re having in  finding a good designer to decorate. You have 30

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Covid-19: our stance on teleworking

It’s been a year now since we entered an unprecedented global health situation. The Covid-19 crisis has not just forced us to reconsider things we took for granted; it has highlighted our capacity to adapt. Faced with lockdown measures and travel restrictions, many companies have had to rethink their day-to-day business and take advantage of

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A Quick Guide to PR Images

Images are a powerful way to increase media coverage, illustrate your message or story and they are an opportunity to promote your branding too, but you must get it right! What classes as a good PR Image and what do editors want? PR images should be high resolution: 300(dpi), ideally by 7 x 5 inches

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Who needs PR?

At what stage of its existence does a company need PR? In truth: in just about any stage, from start-up to FTSE level. If you’ve got something interesting to say, or to sell, then the communications function will need to be addressed. In an age of fake news and “fluff”, good publicists come handy as

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A perspective on gratitude

Historically, the Christmas season has always been a favourite of mine. I grew up in Montreal, in the Northern Hemisphere, where winters are long and cold affairs. In the run-up to December 25, there’s something special in the air. That something special has a lot to do with the anticipation, the excitement. We know the

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