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The ‘Messy Middle’

The term the ‘Messy Middle’ was first coined by a team of Market Insight specialists at Google. It refers to the non-linear way purchasing decisions are made. In this blog post, we explore the purchase journey engineers go on when deciding which components, supplies and providers to opt for. The ‘Messy Middle’ lies at the

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Writing for Search Engines

The proliferation of AI-powered language models like ChatGPT has had huge implications on the way information is processed and shared. In this post we ask ourselves: Why provide information or content, when it might simply be scraped by a bot, regurgitated by AI and not properly credited? The practice of scraping content wholesale without attribution

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IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey Report 2023

The IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey Report for 2023 has just been released by the Eclipse Foundation. The report identifies interesting emerging trends. It will help to inform decisions and navigate the dynamic IoT and edge computing landscape. This report collates survey results from 1,037 individuals based around the world, spanning various industries and

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Join Us at Hardware Pioneers Max!

As the UK’s largest show dedicated to electronics, IoT connectivity, and embedded systems for engineers, ‘Hardware Pioneers Max’ is an event worthy of inclusion in any trade show calendar. The show takes place this year on May 28th and 29th at the Business Design Centre in London, a hub renowned for technology and innovation (nearest

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The 514 Media Roadmap for 2024

Trade shows are crucial for us to make connections and boost our business. The opportunity to connect with everyone face to face in a singular setting is valuable and we can make progress quickly this way. We can meet with engineers and press at once, providing valuable exposure for our clients. We have a quality

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Charting the Future of AI – A State of the Market Overview

Let’s take a closer look at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, along with its future developments. What follows include particularly interesting insights from the NeurIPS conference, held in New Orleans from December 10th to 16th 2023, where current trends and developments of this technology were discussed. The conference took a specific interest in Artificial General

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