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The 514 Media Roadmap for 2024

Trade shows are crucial for us to make connections and boost our business. The opportunity to connect with everyone face to face in a singular setting is valuable and we can make progress quickly this way. We can meet with engineers and press at once, providing valuable exposure for our clients. We have a quality

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Charting the Future of AI – A State of the Market Overview

Let’s take a closer look at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, along with its future developments. What follows include particularly interesting insights from the NeurIPS conference, held in New Orleans from December 10th to 16th 2023, where current trends and developments of this technology were discussed. The conference took a specific interest in Artificial General

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Part one of the highlights from the 2023 state of marketing to engineers research report influencing the technical sale

A survey was carried out by Trew Marketing and GlobalSpec to gain a better understanding of the buying behaviours of engineers. This research examined search behaviours, content preferences, in-person events and sales engagement. The survey contained a mix of popular topics as well as a number of new questions. The resulting State of Marketing to

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Fostering a trust-based approach to PR

We are frequently called upon by our clients to manage and enhance relationships with the press and that’s something we’re really good at. In some cases, our working relationships with editors go back 20+ years. This is not insignificant. Over time, people change, they get married, they have children, they change jobs, they fight their

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