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A Quick Guide to PR Images

Images are a powerful way to increase media coverage, illustrate your message or story and they are an opportunity to promote your branding too, but you must get it right!

What classes as a good PR Image and what do editors want?

PR images should be high resolution:

  • 300(dpi), ideally by 7 x 5 inches
  • This is to ensure that they are suitable and of a good enough quality to be published in the print media

People images:

  • Ensure that there is enough light
  • Do not use white as a background colour
  • Head and shoulders shot should be used for single person images

Small team and partner images:

  • Make sure everyone is facing the camera and be sure to get the full names and job titles of everyone in the image (this is not necessary for large team images… say, five or six individuals and up)
  • Try to avoid long line-ups of people. A ‘tighter’ group photo is better

Logos and branding:

  • Most magazine editors do not want to see direct branding promotions by way of layered logos over images. This turns a “PR image” into an “advertising image”
  • Use subtle ways to put your logo in the shot – either in the background of a people shot or on the product itself.

Taking the image and sending:

  • If you are capturing the image yourself your camera should be set to take the photo at the highest resolution possible and the file should be sent at its largest size to relevant colleague

Lastly – don’t forget to smile 😊!