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What I learned at 514 Media

By Sienna Bull, Intern 

It’s safe to say I have enjoyed my time at 514 Media Ltd. The people were lovely, the work was sufficiently challenging, and working remotely was a huge positive.

I was greeted with a warm welcome before getting my head down. This involved first learning how to use software required for me to complete tasks. I found that this was simpler than expected so not too hard to pick up. Then I could start with cleansing contact lists for different industries. The largest of the lists I worked on was for a market leading company in the industrial automation leader.

I was also given the responsibility of posting on social media for the days I was in the at-home office. I learned how to and subsequently did complete two comprehensive SEO audits. As someone who definitely spends too much time on her phone, it’s something I very much enjoyed doing.

Working remotely, I didn’t expect to see much of my colleagues, but a few weeks into my time at 514 media Ltd a pizza lunch was held virtually. That was fun. It also gave me an opportunity to get to know the team, and have a nice conversation with them – a conversation that was not work related.

Altogether, 514 Media Ltd has made me feel welcome and, despite only staying for the summer holidays, I will take the experience gained through to my future prospects.