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Nathan Winkle joined 514 Media in August 2022 as a Junior Account Executive. Nathan completed his bachelors in the USA and decided to come over to the UK to continue his studies. He attended the University of Chester where he finished his master’s degree in International Business. Nathan enjoys travelling to new places, sports, and

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Amelie Burgess joined 514 Media in 2022 as a Senior Account Manager. She is an experienced sales professional and has a background in the electronics sector. Amelie speaks fluent French, Polish and English. Outside of work, Amelie enjoys weightlifting and spending active time with her family.

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Bianka Maroti joined 514 Media in April 2022 with several years of marketing experience already under her belt. In January 2021, after completing a bachelor’s degree in Business with Marketing at the University of Greenwich, Bianka began a master’s degree in International Marketing. Bianka enjoys fitness and meditation, and also loves travelling.

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Sade Toppin joined 514 Media in 2021 as a PR Assistant. Sade is an experienced PR & Marketing professional with several years of experience in the B2B tech sector. Outside of work, Sade likes to travel and play tennis.

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Sarah Moore joined 514 Media in 2019 as a PR Assistant. Sarah is a skilled administrator with 20 years’ experience in communications and organisation. Sarah plays a key role in the planning and execution of our global PR and marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Sarah loves to cook, bake cakes, garden and go swimming.

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Kristel Antoine joined 514 Media in 2020. She is a skilled PR & Marketing professional with several years of experience in the B2B tech sector, working with multinationals as well as start-ups. Kristel is a graduate of the University of Montpellier in the south of France.

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