IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey Report 2023

The IoT & Edge Commercial Adoption Survey Report for 2023 has just been released by the Eclipse Foundation. The report identifies interesting emerging trends. It will help to inform decisions and navigate the dynamic IoT and edge computing landscape.

This report collates survey results from 1,037 individuals based around the world, spanning various industries and job functions, and reflecting a diverse range of views. The largest job role surveyed were developers making up 32% of the participants, while the second largest group were executives with 18%.

A majority of the participants (54%) worked at organisations with 100 or fewer employees, and 40% of the participants worked in Asia Pacific region. Compared to the previous survey (2022), it’s noteworthy that there has been a decrease by 16% in the sample pool of participants with little developing experience.

Amongst the key findings, IoT adoption has increased by 11% with 64% of surveyed participants now implementing IoT solutions, and an additional 23% planning to deploy within 12-24 months. There has also been a more than double increase in investment  compared with 2022, as 17% of respondents now spend between 1 and 10 million dollars.

The adoption of edge computing solutions has remained the same as last year, with 33% of organisations currently using these technologies. This number is expected to increase as 30% of respondents indicate plans to deploy edge solutions within the next 24 months. Factors which may have contributed to the lack of change are the complexity of implementation, technological maturity, resource allocation, and industry specific challenges.

IoT has also gained strategic prominence, as C-suite involvement in investment decisions has risen to 49% (up from 38% in 2022). Open source is also shown to be hugely important with 75% of organisations actively incorporating open source into their deployment plans.

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