Fostering a trust-based approach to PR

We are frequently called upon by our clients to manage and enhance relationships with the press and that’s something we’re really good at. In some cases, our working relationships with editors go back 20+ years. This is not insignificant. Over time, people change, they get married, they have children, they change jobs, they fight their own battles and they go through hardships. A lot can happen over the years. And whilst we cannot claim to know everything about everyone (and let’s face it, nobody can)… our relationships are based on mutual trust. They are based on a mutual understanding.

This is important. It’s at the heart of what we do.

Trust means that, as PR practitioners, we are a trusted source of information that we circulate about our clients. It means we are trusted to deliver quality technical content on time – whether it’s a white paper, a technical article, an application note or an industry comment. When we agree to deliver a text for publication, it’s our job to ensure that we do, and we take this seriously. We take this seriously because we understand the pressures journalists are facing. People often underestimate the amount of work that goes into publishing a weekly or monthly magazine, or into managing a successful news media website.

Trust, however, takes time to establish. It requires patience. Trust gets built over a long period of time. And this is what sets 514 Media apart from the rest of our competition. The effort we put into our work, and this ability to deliver consistently for editors. And it’s something we’ve been doing for years and years, building strong relationships about which we genuinely care. We consistently go the extra mile and we do this not only for our clients; we also go the extra mile for the press.

When editors work with us they will always get respect, appreciation, quality, and that’s what our clients like about working with us too. They know the efforts that go into maintaining long meaningful relationships that are based on trust. They understand that, and they recognize this value. In short: they know exactly what they are getting when working with 514 Media.

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