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With Millennial tech buyers increasing will PR pitches need adjustments?

Slowly a new generation is becoming a larger part of decision making within businesses. Millennials and even Gen Z are staring to make up larger portions of companies and are becoming a larger percentage of key decision makers within their companies.

A study from Trust Radius found that in 2021, 60% of buyers in tech were now Millennials. This shift in who is in tech buying decision making positions has influences on how products are going to be presented. A Millennial’s buying strategy and thoughts about the buying process will be different than generations that were their predecessors. Taking this into account can help companies who are willing to change their strategy to reach this audience more effectively to gain an advantage.

The same report from Trust Radius, found that Millennial buyers are decreasingly likely to make decisions about what to buy based on reports and rankings. A little less than 20% of millennials use analyst rankings and reports to help make buying decisions. Millennials are also 20% less likely to use those same rankings and reports than the generation that preceded them. As a note to think about even further in the future, Gen Z buyers are also 30% less likely to use reports and rankings.

With this knowledge, what is there to do about this when sending out a PR story?

  • Being straight forward about what a product can provide for the buyer and how it can benefit them while being clear what the product can’t help with. A real and concise message is more likely to be considered than a not so telling ranking or report.

A second important finding is that Millennials are two times more likely to discover a product they are searching for online when compared to previous generations in the B2B tech buying sector. Having good search results, product trials, and great reviews are what is capturing the attention of these buyers more. When researching for the products they need to buy, a Millennial is far more likely to trust in previous experiences, a free trial, product demos, and real user reviews over any other source.

With this knowledge, what is there to do about this when sending out a PR

  • If a piece of PR is going out it can be best to let the customers speak for the product and lead buyers to options where reviews and trials are clearly visible. Letting a millennial buyer confirm their thoughts themselves about your product, well feeling connected in a more personal way will ensure your product grabs their attention and business.

Business environments will always change and the B2B tech buying sector is doing so now. Taking that into account and what differences are starting to develop will ensure your continued success for long to come. There is no doubt far more differences, but these few quick tips are a great start to be fully equipped to direct a Millennial buyer’s attention to your brand first.

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