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We are 514 Media Ltd.

A marketing communications agency based in London, England (although, let’s face it, we could be just about anywhere on the planet in this day & age).

We provide high quality public relations, marketing and advertising services to companies looking to increase commercial & brand awareness, in order to generate higher sales.

We help businesses connect with key audiences

Design engineers, architects, buyers, analysts, stakeholders… Working alongside our clients we develop and implement media strategies to achieve corporate and brand objectives.

More importantly perhaps, our clients enjoy doing business with us. We love what they do, and we make it our business to help their business flourish. It helps us get stellar results as we genuinely buy into their unique vision.

Our approach to PR is an entirely ‘no-nonsense’ one: we use tried and tested techniques to maximise media exposure across multiple channels.

If we feel new ways of getting the word out will generate results, we just go for it and ask questions later.

It works.

Glasgow - 514 Media

Mike Aldred, Electronics Category Lead – Robotics and cordless at Dyson, was recently quoted as saying:

“There isn’t a need for robots to be human; that misses the point. Robots should do what robots are good at, leaving humans with more time to do what humans are good at.”

We totally agree with Mike.

As a sector, public relations involves networking and making people connect with one another. At 514 Media, we believe humans are best suited to doing this.