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At what stage of its existence does a company need PR? In truth: in just about any stage, from start-up to FTSE level. If you’ve got something interesting to say, or to sell, then the communications function will need to be addressed.

In an age of fake news and “fluff”, good publicists come handy as they’ll put their reputation on the line as a reliable source of information. What they’ll say on your behalf will shape public perception of your company and its products.

How many times have we heard: “That product is so great… it will sell itself!”. But to sell itself, people have got to have heard about it from someone, somewhere. Often times it’s not the best product that wins market shares; it’s the one that’s talked about most and it’s the one that sets an early pace.

That, in short, is the “magic of PR”.

Publicity and public relations remain a people-based sort of business. Having good contacts and a genuine access to the press are tried and trusted recipes for success. Good B2B PR practitioners will know what might work and what doesn’t, and it’s most definitely something worth buying if you’re looking to shift goods.

The ability to communicate the right thing, to the right audiences, at the right time, and for the right reasons, is what a good PR practitioner can deliver for you – regardless of your company size.